5 Signs That You Need A Coffee

1. Even toothpicks can't keep your eyes open

Whether it's listening to a lecture, watching that indie movie your friend insists is "so deep", or completing paperwork that was due last Friday, we've all had those moments where it seems like the invisible sand on our eyelids are just too heavy.

2. The document you're working on looks something like this 

Wait.... so that's the position my hands were in right before I lost consciousness??

3. You start doodling... and end up with this

That's the loveliest drawing of steam I've ever seen....

4. You stare at other people's mugs like this

5. You feel depressed

If you're exhibiting any of the above symptoms, then....

Stop by Gurney Plaza or Queensbay Mall for an Urban Coffee 
and you'll go about the rest of your day like this