Get to know your coffee ☕️

Have you ever walked into a cafe only to stare blankly at the menu because all those fancy coffee names just stump you? Well for all of us who aren’t hard core coffee junkies, we may need a little help understanding our coffee - which is why we have made our Urban Coffee cheat sheet for understanding what’s inside what coffee! 

Espresso a.k.a Short Black

Espresso is made by forcing near-boiling water through ground coffee under pressure to produce a strong brew. A well-made espresso is characterised by a dark, golden fine-bubbled crema and a smooth aftertaste. It has no milk and is probably the purest form of coffee, making it the starting point of most coffee drinks.

Singolo means one shot, while Doppio means double shot. 

More caffeine, more fun!

Long Black

A long black is an espresso shot pulled on top of a cup of boiling water. This dilutes the strong espresso.

It's counter-part, the Americano, is said to have originated when the American fleet was in Europe during World War II. At that time, American taste buds were not quite ready for the strong taste of espresso so this more diluted version of the drink was created.

Americanos and Long Blacks are basically the same, except long blacks have a higher espresso to water ratio.


The Italian word “macchiato” means to stain or to spot. Therefore a Macchiato is a shot of espresso coffee with a dash of milk added to “stain” it.

This is suitable for a coffee lover who wants a strong espresso but with a little something to take away the edge on the espresso.


A cappuccino is made from one-third espresso, one-third steamed milk, and topped with one-third thick frothed milk. Sometimes, it is finished off with a sprinkle of chocolate, nutmeg, or cinnamon on the top. It was named after the Capuchin monks’ white and brown long flowing hood.


A latte is made with espresso and steamed milk, and has more milk than a cappuccino. The steamed milk is added slowly, allowing the milk to mix with the espresso, leaving just a small amount of foam on the top. The word “latte” actually means milk and the full name of this drink is Caffe Latte. It is not uncommon for your friendly barista to top off your latte with a cute coffee art design.

With all this essential information, you can now walk confidently into Urban Coffee an order the coffee you want!