Why experts say hanging out in a cafe is beneficial to you

The concept of cafes came about during the French Revolution where great thinkers would gather to discuss about the latest philosophical findings. Evidently things have changed and we no longer find the need to engage in such discussions since we can get into our fair share of debates on social media. However, the existence of cafes have become a kind of pop culture connected to the hipster, cool hangout kind of lifestyle - and there are many benefits to being in a cafe whether it be for work or just a meet up with friends! 


Cafes are a change of environment

Working at your desk all day every day is bound to get boring, and boredom stifles creativity. Changing the environment around you takes you out from that sterile office space into an area full of new inspirations. New inspirations come from watching people, staring at the decorations, or simply pondering while taking in the new surroundings. These new inspirations and ideas will then turn your creative juices, helping you to work more effectively. 

The best part about a cafe is that the energy there is never stagnant. Every time you go, there will be different people, varied conversations, and just a fresh buzz of activity. This means chances are, you will never be left with that feeling of boredom or fatigue!

And the idea of just wandering off to a cafe with a notebook and writing and seeing where that takes me for a while is just bliss
— J.K. Rowling

Fewer distractions

This may be a surprising point to many of you out there. It certainly was to me. However as I though about it, this turns out to be pretty true. When you work in the office, you will be constantly be interrupted by colleagues wanting to ask questions, or just looking for a chat. You may also be sitting near the pantry stocked with free-flow snacks which happen to be calling your name every half hour. Disruptions interrupt your train of thought and kill productivity.

When you are in a cafe, alone, there will be no colleagues (or free food) around to interrupt you allowing you to enjoy the benefits of anonymity with the dull buzz of exciting energy. Although there will be people walking in and out, baristas chatting, etc., the fact is that you don’t know them. Since you don’t know them, chances are you will pull into your own anti-social bubble and focus on your work. This means fewer distractions, which turns into greater productivity. 

And when you see someone you decide is worth talking to, then pull out of your bubble, at your own terms. 

*maybe not like that though

*maybe not like that though

A great tip is to go in with a fully charged laptop and no charger. This would motivate you to finish your tasks within the 6 hours of your battery life. Of course that depends on how good your laptop battery is and what kind of work you are doing. 

If you can’t sit in a cafe and be ignored, how can you observe human nature and write a story?
— Evangeline Lily

Idea of the ‘third space’ 

The ‘third space’  is a place somewhere between work and home where you can live life without the worries associated with one or the other. This not only makes it great for work but also for just forming greater friendships over coffee.

Think about it.

In the office, conversations can happen but you would always be crowded with ‘work thoughts’. Some people even find it hard to talk about things outside work related topics in the office - especially if you're looking to engage in conversation with a relatively new colleague. Nevertheless, once you take your conversations to a neutral environment, the restrictions around conversation are taken away. The chilled environment of the cafe will also relax the mood, allowing for more personal conversation. From this, people that were just acquaintances can become great friends whom you find you share a lot in common with. 

I’d much rather hang out in a cafe. That’s where things are really happening.
— Joe Sacco


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Bring your work. Bring your friends. Enjoy the goodness of the cafe life.  

I don’t want to be famous. I like to be able to sit in a cafe and watch the world go by and observe people.
— Sophia Myles