Pay As You Wish 2017


Dear coffee lovers,

As a cafe created by Malaysians for Malaysians, we have always aimed to make high quality coffee as affordable as possible for our fellow Malaysians. This is why we pioneered the “Pay as you wish” system against all odds. And we have to admit that the sacrifice has been worth it because we have succeeded in bringing joy to all our coffee lovers out there!

Many of our outlets however did not run this “Pay as you wish” system and had coffee priced from the regular price of RM 10 onwards. Despite this, you, our loyal coffee lovers, continued to shower us with so much support and love that now we have some AMAZING news for you!

Pay as you wish at all outlets

Starting from 1st February, “Pay as you wish” will be available at ALL URBAN COFFEE OUTLETS.

Yes you read that right!

Any Urban Coffee near you will be offering “Pay as you wish”  on a selected menu starting from the 1st of February.

Now everyone can enjoy the goodness of "Pay as you wish"!


Price change

“Pay as you wish” will now start from a minimum of RM 5.90 - a price that is still incredibly affordable and which would enable us to continue to bring you great coffee at low prices.

This means that you will be able to order anything from a selected menu and pay as you see fit starting from RM 5.90.

Remember that this offer is applicable at every Urban Coffee outlet from the 1st of February 2017!


Share the coffee, share the joy!

At Urban Coffee, we believe that great relationships are formed through meaningful conversations over a cup of coffee - which is why you can now purchase as many cups of “Pay as you wish” coffee as you want in one order (starting from the 1st of February).

So get coffee for your colleagues, friends, family etc. and watch those relationships blossom.



Make everyday your best with a caffeine booster from Urban Coffee!

To me, the smell of fresh-made coffee is one of the greatest inventions
— Hugh Jackman

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