Pay As You Wish Coffee!

You go into this coffee shop. You breathe in that heavenly scent of ground coffee beans, cream, and caffeine. You walk up to the counter and say, "Uhm...Can I have an ice Mocha?" The Urbanista smiles and gestures to the iPad at the counter. Hesitantly, slowly, you tap on the screen, selecting an ice Mocha, enter your name, and then... 

"What?" You ask the Urbanista. "How much is an ice mocha?" 

With a twinkle in her eye, she only replies, "Choose what you like. Pay as you wish," and leaves you in wonder. 

That's right. In Midvalley Megamall and in Gurney Plaza, anyone can choose whatever drink and pay as much (or as little, but hopefully not!) as they want. 

Not waiting a second longer to waste this miraculous event, you order your drink and pay RM 5 (which is the suggested price shown on the screen with an emoji in the corner). 

"Enjoy, and have a nice day!" The Urbanista smiles again, like the emoji, and hands you your glorious ice mocha. 

You hold it in your hands, enjoying the cool of ice in your fingertips and thanking Urban Coffee for this wonderful event to choose what you want and pay as you wish. Oh, but of course Urban Coffee wants to make you happier. 

You turn around, your fingertips getting slightly frozen, and choose one of the metal stools to sit on. You're relaxed, comfortable, happy; but what's missing? Music! You get to choose either Beats or Bose headphones to listen to your own music. 

So, come. Come into Urban Coffee. Breathe in that heavenly smell of caffeine and cream.  Listen to any music. Choose what you want. Pay as you wish. Enter if you want to. 

Written by Li Lilian.